Little Secrets to Make Him Love You More


Make him love you more!

Sure he gives you flowers every chance he gets, kiss you in between stories you tell, picks you up every time you’re out with your friends, but these are just what the usual boyfriends do. Make him love you more. Here’s how:

Sumptuous Dinner

There goes the saying that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is accurate all the time. Make him his favourite dish, if you don’t know how, ask your mom or your friends to teach you or google it. He will appreciate the food and of course your effort.

Got His Back

Boys feel upset too, just like girls they need someone to comfort them. Assure him that whatever happens, you have his back and that you are always by his side through all the decisions he has to make.

Boy Games

You wonder most of the time what is it in NBA games that can’t take his attention off the television. Ball games, whether it be football, baseball or basketball are boys number one hobby. Take time to watch his favourite game with him. He will see that you find interests in stuffs that he enjoys. Not only that, it also can be your instant bonding.

Childhood Stories

Ask him who was his favourite superhero when he was 5, and eventually both of you will find yourselves laughing at each other. This will give him a hint that you want to know more about his life and you want to be a part of it.

Surprise! Surprise!

Who says that guys are the only one good at surprises? Girls can be good at it too, and this will definitely make your man feel loved and important. Throw him a party for his birthday, invite his old friends and family members, this will not only make him happy but also he will get into the conclusion that you are definitely someone for keeps.

Do Not be too Clingy

You and your partner should always have the “me time”, after all you are two separate individuals. Refrain to be too clingy towards your partner, guys want independent girls. When he sees you can do things on your own, it will turn him on.

These are sure fire steps to make him love you more and more each day. If you want, you can see more relationship advice for women here.

Fulfil Her Dream Dates and Do More than That

Your dream date.

So she agreed after you asked her to go out with you, it is your first date so to speak. Do you already have a plan where to take her? Will she like it? What would be the first date like? After it, will you have a green light to ask for a second date? These are just some questions I know have been going on through your mind. Where you take her for a date actually says so much about you, it is a reflection of who you are. Dinner at a fancy restaurant, going to a movie may be too overrated. You should try a different one this time.

Know What She Likes

Know the girl you are to date, if she is a sporty one, consider a fun run to be cute date, after sweating out for the long run, you can relax yourself under a shady tree just talking about what interests you two share. If she is a music enthusiast, book tickets for a concert, it is a plus if it is her favourite band. Not only she would appreciate your effort but she will notice that you are really serious on making a good impression.


As mentioned, candlelight dinner and movie dates are overused kinds of date, you should go to something much more experimental than the usual. Take for an instance, a trip to the beach, not only you can relax and relieve stress from the hustle and bustle of the city but you can take time to talk to each other deeper. Or an adventurous date will also be fun, like a trip to theme parks, roller coaster rides and the like will give you that adrenaline to keep you going, plus you enjoyed each other’s company.

Surely will get a yes for a second or may be a third date. Just be spontaneous and unpredictable, this would keep her guessing what are you going to take her next.

Make Him Want You More

a perfect dream date

Love is the most unexplainable, so they say. But that spark and butterflies in your stomach can vanish when you definitely not take care of the precious relationship between you and your man. Avoid that fiasco from happening. Here are the things what you should do:

Cow Girl

You should be up for anything. It’s time to set aside your princess-like attitude and unleash the primal in you. Be that girl that he can spend his time playing silly video games with. Men like to try new things once in a while. So if you are able to beat him in one of the games, he would be eager to outplay you the next time, which can even lead into a cute and romantic competition. It is something that will keep your bond stronger.

Always Leave Something To His Imagination

Maintain a sense of mystery with you, so there is always something to discover and something new to learn. Don’t divulge your beauty rituals, men actually doesn’t care, just leave him wondering how’d you get those really soft skin. So let some stuffs untold, let him fantasize about you even more.


Men are visual creatures. They are easily attracted to whatever pleases their eyes. So your over all look should be taken into consideration. He wouldn’t want to walk with low-maintenance girl right? So strut your style and most importantly be confident about yourself. By being confident you attract good vibes.

Never Tag Along When He’ll Be Out with His Friends

Meeting his friends is actually good, but tagging along with your guy to every boys night out is sort of a scary thing for a man. He might think you are being too control freak. Don’t be like her mom when he was 9. Let him do things on his own, if he likes to spend couple of beers while watching his favourite basketball game with his best bud, then let him. Boys will always be boys, don’t cage them in.

There you go, you might be that girl he has been looking for that is perfect for a long-term relationship.