Love Online

Because of this very fast paced world where electronic mails, social networks and text messages have been the means of communication, did you know that you can actually decode your man through the way he send you an email or text message? Here is how.


Online email love.

Men are known to be serious and very straight forward, but if his emails or text messages comes with emoticons such as smiling face, this means that he is comfortable around you and he is trying you to see that he can be goofy and fun with you.

Blocks of Text

You can actually say if he is really interested towards you through the length of his texts or emails. If it is long enough, this means that he took time to formulate all his thoughts in to keep you interested, but if it is too short, maybe he is not just that into you yet and does not want to be attached any soon.

His Greetings

Greetings can do so much, if he uses the casual hey there! This means that he does not see something deep between you two. But if he uses other endearing greetings this means that he pays respect to you and would want to know you a lot better because he sees you as a potential partner. But if he scratched the greetings, well he has developed being comfortable with you so he thinks formal greeting is not necessary anymore.

The male mind is complicated yet you can decode them through easy ways. Sending emails and text messages are not really far from verbally communicating with someone. Modern technology just makes a little twist to the usual everyday communication and makes it more worthy to treasure. It is really wonderful that people was able to find love online. And once you find that guy, for fun you can work out what are the chances of you finding real love with them.