Little Secrets to Make Him Love You More

Make him love you more!

Sure he gives you flowers every chance he gets, kiss you in between stories you tell, picks you up every time you’re out with your friends, but these are just what the usual boyfriends do. Make him love you more. Here’s how:

Sumptuous Dinner

There goes the saying that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is accurate all the time. Make him his favourite dish, if you don’t know how, ask your mom or your friends to teach you or google it. He will appreciate the food and of course your effort.

Got His Back

Boys feel upset too, just like girls they need someone to comfort them. Assure him that whatever happens, you have his back and that you are always by his side through all the decisions he has to make.

Boy Games

You wonder most of the time what is it in NBA games that can’t take his attention off the television. Ball games, whether it be football, baseball or basketball are boys number one hobby. Take time to watch his favourite game with him. He will see that you find interests in stuffs that he enjoys. Not only that, it also can be your instant bonding.

Childhood Stories

Ask him who was his favourite superhero when he was 5, and eventually both of you will find yourselves laughing at each other. This will give him a hint that you want to know more about his life and you want to be a part of it.

Surprise! Surprise!

Who says that guys are the only one good at surprises? Girls can be good at it too, and this will definitely make your man feel loved and important. Throw him a party for his birthday, invite his old friends and family members, this will not only make him happy but also he will get into the conclusion that you are definitely someone for keeps.

Do Not be too Clingy

You and your partner should always have the “me time”, after all you are two separate individuals. Refrain to be too clingy towards your partner, guys want independent girls. When he sees you can do things on your own, it will turn him on.

These are sure fire steps to make him love you more and more each day. If you want, you can see more relationship advice for women here.

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