Some Truths About Relationships

Know the relationship history.Entering a relationship is only half of the story, keeping it work and making it last is the other half of the affair. It is scary sometimes, most of the time complicated and even frustrating. But it is up to both of you to keep it as strong and as worry free as it should be.


When you feel that your partner is cheating on you, it probably is true. What you should do is communicate with your partner. This inkling may mean a lot and may save you from all the troubles it may cause. So it is best to be open about it and straight things out with your partner.

Cheating History

If your partner had any cheating history, the probability would be, he would cheat on you too. If he has done it before, he might do it again to you. Don’t be too complacent that your man is a good boy now, if you can’t change him, no one will.

Red Alert for Break Up

When a man wants to call it quits, he will unconsciously or maybe intentionally gives hints for you to open up about the situation. He suddenly never calls or never asks where you were. He will suddenly turn cold, giving you the hint that he is not into you anymore.

Not Ready Yet

Most men are scared of long term commitments, and if he said that he his plans of settling down are quite far fetched, believe him. He is not ready to commit much less to tie the knot with you. So if he is not ready then don’t rush into things that both of you may end up fighting over.

Love has been the most incomprehensible thing in the world. What your partner shows maybe different from what they actually feel. Communication will always clear those doubts. Truth hurts, but as the cliché goes, it will always set you free.

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