Mr. Dream Guy and Mr. Right

Will you not agree with me when I say that each and everyone of us has pictured out our dream guy, that guy whom we called as our the one. We have this long line of check list of the characteristics and traits of our dream guy. We are so engrossed in that idea that sometimes it is all that we think leaving us missing out of the important and much more sensible things.

Keeping It Real

We are so caught up with the idea of ideal guy and the result is we overlook at the real guy. Because we have made this icon in our heads, we tend to compare our check list to the guy whom we are currently with. We always look if the real guy has all the characteristics of our dream guy and because of this we tend to not appreciate what and who he is. We are not able to see his capabilities. We should set fantasy from reality, it will always be best to keep it all real.

Dream and Reality

We are having a hard time letting go of the dream guy fiasco, so we are not able to look beyond reality. We are not able to comprehend what is more important. We are stuck in a situation where our standards are set too high, making it impossible to attain by a simple human being. By this we detach ourselves to what could have been our Mr. Right.

There is a hair line distinction between infatuation and falling in love. We should not cage ourselves into an idea that only exists in our minds; we should open ourselves to different possibilities that may come our way and be able to be flexible with it. There is no prince charming in a white horse to save you when you feel like you are the damsel in distress. But there is that man who can make you happy in way he knows and might even exceed your idea of the ideal guy and that is your Mr. Right.

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