Is He Ready To Tie The Knot?

And so you have been dating for years now and you are so sure that he is the man you want to marry. The big question is, does he see you as that girl to walk down the aisle while his waiting on the other side? Make him tie the knot with you.

Ready to tie the knot

Money Matters

Show him you are responsible enough when handling money. Men like women who are financially stable. So the building a future with you with a foundation will never be hard. Plus being financially stable means you can deal with things independently and responsibly. Man doesn’t want to shoulder all the expenses when the two of you started to build your family.

Emotionally Ready

Of course, you should not only be financially ready but also you have to be prepared of married life. Because as they always say married life is not as easy as it seems. Things will not always be like in cloud 9. There would have to be times that you and your partner might argue on specific matters. So it is important that you are emotionally equipped to enter married life.

Mother Potential

He has to see that in you, of course you will be the one bringing his blood line. He has to see that you are capable of being a mother. You should show him that you can manage a career while taking care of your children all at once. If he sees that you are enjoying the company of kids, it is a plus factor. He will get the hint that you might be a great mother of your own children.

Superwoman and Damsel in Distress

Be the woman he dreamt about, that woman who will control him but would not be dominating as a control freak. He got to see that you are an independent woman, may it be socially, emotionally or mentally. Be a superwoman by doing things without being told. But here’s the trick, be also his damsel in distress, make him your knight and shining armour and show him that he is still the man in the relationship.

So he is the man of your dreams, make it come to reality. Do things as what bride potential do and you’ll have him asking you to marry him in no time.

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