Date Gaffes: Avoid It!

having a bad date

You want your date to be as smooth sailing as it should be. But there are certain things you should never do. First impression lasts so they say, so you have to make your best foot forward. So if you have successfully acted the way a gentleman would, you will be able to enjoy a second date with her.

Never Lay Your Eyes to Another Girl

Always keep your eye contact with her, eye contacts give a sense of sincerity, so you have to keep that sincerity flowing. Never ever look too long to a hot girl that just passed by. This will send her the signal that you cannot concentrate on her. And it is a big turn off.

Never Tell a False Story

Never ever fabricate a story about yourself just to make a good impression. Always be true to yourself, and show her what you truly are. These lies won’t take you a long way, soon enough she will figure it all out. And she would think that, if you can lie about yourself, there might be tendencies that you will do the same in your relationship.

Don’t be late!

Have the decency to be there moments before she arrives, remember you are the one who initiated this date, and it will be a big turn off to make her wait for an hour for you. Bear in mind that you are aiming for a good impression, and being late is not a good thing. Allot a time, and expect traffic if there is, so you can calculate the time that you will be there.

Don’t Give Too Much Information

Do not divulge every information about yourself, especially those topics concerning your ex, on the first dates, it is hardly her concern. Just tell her a brief story of how you do or what you do for a living. Ex files may come when she initiated about the topic.

So there you go, avoid all these and be that guy she would want to date for a number of times. By avoiding all these you just made the best impression there is.

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