Little Secrets to Make Him Love You More


Make him love you more!

Sure he gives you flowers every chance he gets, kiss you in between stories you tell, picks you up every time you’re out with your friends, but these are just what the usual boyfriends do. Make him love you more. Here’s how:

Sumptuous Dinner

There goes the saying that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is accurate all the time. Make him his favourite dish, if you don’t know how, ask your mom or your friends to teach you or google it. He will appreciate the food and of course your effort.

Got His Back

Boys feel upset too, just like girls they need someone to comfort them. Assure him that whatever happens, you have his back and that you are always by his side through all the decisions he has to make.

Boy Games

You wonder most of the time what is it in NBA games that can’t take his attention off the television. Ball games, whether it be football, baseball or basketball are boys number one hobby. Take time to watch his favourite game with him. He will see that you find interests in stuffs that he enjoys. Not only that, it also can be your instant bonding.

Childhood Stories

Ask him who was his favourite superhero when he was 5, and eventually both of you will find yourselves laughing at each other. This will give him a hint that you want to know more about his life and you want to be a part of it.

Surprise! Surprise!

Who says that guys are the only one good at surprises? Girls can be good at it too, and this will definitely make your man feel loved and important. Throw him a party for his birthday, invite his old friends and family members, this will not only make him happy but also he will get into the conclusion that you are definitely someone for keeps.

Do Not be too Clingy

You and your partner should always have the “me time”, after all you are two separate individuals. Refrain to be too clingy towards your partner, guys want independent girls. When he sees you can do things on your own, it will turn him on.

These are sure fire steps to make him love you more and more each day. If you want, you can see more relationship advice for women here.

Love Online

Because of this very fast paced world where electronic mails, social networks and text messages have been the means of communication, did you know that you can actually decode your man through the way he send you an email or text message? Here is how.


Online email love.

Men are known to be serious and very straight forward, but if his emails or text messages comes with emoticons such as smiling face, this means that he is comfortable around you and he is trying you to see that he can be goofy and fun with you.

Blocks of Text

You can actually say if he is really interested towards you through the length of his texts or emails. If it is long enough, this means that he took time to formulate all his thoughts in to keep you interested, but if it is too short, maybe he is not just that into you yet and does not want to be attached any soon.

His Greetings

Greetings can do so much, if he uses the casual hey there! This means that he does not see something deep between you two. But if he uses other endearing greetings this means that he pays respect to you and would want to know you a lot better because he sees you as a potential partner. But if he scratched the greetings, well he has developed being comfortable with you so he thinks formal greeting is not necessary anymore.

The male mind is complicated yet you can decode them through easy ways. Sending emails and text messages are not really far from verbally communicating with someone. Modern technology just makes a little twist to the usual everyday communication and makes it more worthy to treasure. It is really wonderful that people was able to find love online. And once you find that guy, for fun you can work out what are the chances of you finding real love with them.

Fulfil Her Dream Dates and Do More than That

Your dream date.

So she agreed after you asked her to go out with you, it is your first date so to speak. Do you already have a plan where to take her? Will she like it? What would be the first date like? After it, will you have a green light to ask for a second date? These are just some questions I know have been going on through your mind. Where you take her for a date actually says so much about you, it is a reflection of who you are. Dinner at a fancy restaurant, going to a movie may be too overrated. You should try a different one this time.

Know What She Likes

Know the girl you are to date, if she is a sporty one, consider a fun run to be cute date, after sweating out for the long run, you can relax yourself under a shady tree just talking about what interests you two share. If she is a music enthusiast, book tickets for a concert, it is a plus if it is her favourite band. Not only she would appreciate your effort but she will notice that you are really serious on making a good impression.


As mentioned, candlelight dinner and movie dates are overused kinds of date, you should go to something much more experimental than the usual. Take for an instance, a trip to the beach, not only you can relax and relieve stress from the hustle and bustle of the city but you can take time to talk to each other deeper. Or an adventurous date will also be fun, like a trip to theme parks, roller coaster rides and the like will give you that adrenaline to keep you going, plus you enjoyed each other’s company.

Surely will get a yes for a second or may be a third date. Just be spontaneous and unpredictable, this would keep her guessing what are you going to take her next.

Difference Between Fallback and Fall in Love

Is he a rebound?

You just came out from a very throbbing heart ache, after failed dates and failed attempts of commitment; there you are eating dinner alone, watching chick flicks with no one to exchange views with. It is a very depressing state, so they say. But do you really have to jump into a new relationship one after another? Have you let yourself heal once and for all? Do you always feel the need to be loved by another just to be secured? Then, you should think first before you make any bold steps.

Entering into a relationship just because you feel least valued when you are single is a wrong notion. The need for someone to fill up the gaps of your missing self or to let someone else pick up where your ex lover left off will also not make any good. Having a partner will not cover up your insecurities in life. Partners are designed to be a companion in life’s ever changing dramas, and not as someone to fill in with all the things missing in your life. A fallback relationship will just worsen everything.

These are issues you have to deal with yourself. And no one can you help you in that matter, but yourself alone. After a breakup you should let yourself wallow, and find your losing self once more. You hold your happiness, thus you should never depend it on anybody else. Some are happy with their single lives and are secured with what they have. Love should be the main reason why a person binds himself to another. Pursuing a relationship means that you love the person, not because you want to feel loved. The right person will come to you, the moment you are ready to open up yourself once more and be able to love like never before.

Mr. Dream Guy and Mr. Right

Will you not agree with me when I say that each and everyone of us has pictured out our dream guy, that guy whom we called as our the one. We have this long line of check list of the characteristics and traits of our dream guy. We are so engrossed in that idea that sometimes it is all that we think leaving us missing out of the important and much more sensible things.

Keeping It Real

We are so caught up with the idea of ideal guy and the result is we overlook at the real guy. Because we have made this icon in our heads, we tend to compare our check list to the guy whom we are currently with. We always look if the real guy has all the characteristics of our dream guy and because of this we tend to not appreciate what and who he is. We are not able to see his capabilities. We should set fantasy from reality, it will always be best to keep it all real.

Dream and Reality

We are having a hard time letting go of the dream guy fiasco, so we are not able to look beyond reality. We are not able to comprehend what is more important. We are stuck in a situation where our standards are set too high, making it impossible to attain by a simple human being. By this we detach ourselves to what could have been our Mr. Right.

There is a hair line distinction between infatuation and falling in love. We should not cage ourselves into an idea that only exists in our minds; we should open ourselves to different possibilities that may come our way and be able to be flexible with it. There is no prince charming in a white horse to save you when you feel like you are the damsel in distress. But there is that man who can make you happy in way he knows and might even exceed your idea of the ideal guy and that is your Mr. Right.

Make Him Want You More

a perfect dream date

Love is the most unexplainable, so they say. But that spark and butterflies in your stomach can vanish when you definitely not take care of the precious relationship between you and your man. Avoid that fiasco from happening. Here are the things what you should do:

Cow Girl

You should be up for anything. It’s time to set aside your princess-like attitude and unleash the primal in you. Be that girl that he can spend his time playing silly video games with. Men like to try new things once in a while. So if you are able to beat him in one of the games, he would be eager to outplay you the next time, which can even lead into a cute and romantic competition. It is something that will keep your bond stronger.

Always Leave Something To His Imagination

Maintain a sense of mystery with you, so there is always something to discover and something new to learn. Don’t divulge your beauty rituals, men actually doesn’t care, just leave him wondering how’d you get those really soft skin. So let some stuffs untold, let him fantasize about you even more.


Men are visual creatures. They are easily attracted to whatever pleases their eyes. So your over all look should be taken into consideration. He wouldn’t want to walk with low-maintenance girl right? So strut your style and most importantly be confident about yourself. By being confident you attract good vibes.

Never Tag Along When He’ll Be Out with His Friends

Meeting his friends is actually good, but tagging along with your guy to every boys night out is sort of a scary thing for a man. He might think you are being too control freak. Don’t be like her mom when he was 9. Let him do things on his own, if he likes to spend couple of beers while watching his favourite basketball game with his best bud, then let him. Boys will always be boys, don’t cage them in.

There you go, you might be that girl he has been looking for that is perfect for a long-term relationship.

Is He Ready To Tie The Knot?

And so you have been dating for years now and you are so sure that he is the man you want to marry. The big question is, does he see you as that girl to walk down the aisle while his waiting on the other side? Make him tie the knot with you.

Ready to tie the knot

Money Matters

Show him you are responsible enough when handling money. Men like women who are financially stable. So the building a future with you with a foundation will never be hard. Plus being financially stable means you can deal with things independently and responsibly. Man doesn’t want to shoulder all the expenses when the two of you started to build your family.

Emotionally Ready

Of course, you should not only be financially ready but also you have to be prepared of married life. Because as they always say married life is not as easy as it seems. Things will not always be like in cloud 9. There would have to be times that you and your partner might argue on specific matters. So it is important that you are emotionally equipped to enter married life.

Mother Potential

He has to see that in you, of course you will be the one bringing his blood line. He has to see that you are capable of being a mother. You should show him that you can manage a career while taking care of your children all at once. If he sees that you are enjoying the company of kids, it is a plus factor. He will get the hint that you might be a great mother of your own children.

Superwoman and Damsel in Distress

Be the woman he dreamt about, that woman who will control him but would not be dominating as a control freak. He got to see that you are an independent woman, may it be socially, emotionally or mentally. Be a superwoman by doing things without being told. But here’s the trick, be also his damsel in distress, make him your knight and shining armour and show him that he is still the man in the relationship.

So he is the man of your dreams, make it come to reality. Do things as what bride potential do and you’ll have him asking you to marry him in no time.

Date Gaffes: Avoid It!

having a bad date

You want your date to be as smooth sailing as it should be. But there are certain things you should never do. First impression lasts so they say, so you have to make your best foot forward. So if you have successfully acted the way a gentleman would, you will be able to enjoy a second date with her.

Never Lay Your Eyes to Another Girl

Always keep your eye contact with her, eye contacts give a sense of sincerity, so you have to keep that sincerity flowing. Never ever look too long to a hot girl that just passed by. This will send her the signal that you cannot concentrate on her. And it is a big turn off.

Never Tell a False Story

Never ever fabricate a story about yourself just to make a good impression. Always be true to yourself, and show her what you truly are. These lies won’t take you a long way, soon enough she will figure it all out. And she would think that, if you can lie about yourself, there might be tendencies that you will do the same in your relationship.

Don’t be late!

Have the decency to be there moments before she arrives, remember you are the one who initiated this date, and it will be a big turn off to make her wait for an hour for you. Bear in mind that you are aiming for a good impression, and being late is not a good thing. Allot a time, and expect traffic if there is, so you can calculate the time that you will be there.

Don’t Give Too Much Information

Do not divulge every information about yourself, especially those topics concerning your ex, on the first dates, it is hardly her concern. Just tell her a brief story of how you do or what you do for a living. Ex files may come when she initiated about the topic.

So there you go, avoid all these and be that guy she would want to date for a number of times. By avoiding all these you just made the best impression there is.

Some Truths About Relationships

Know the relationship history.Entering a relationship is only half of the story, keeping it work and making it last is the other half of the affair. It is scary sometimes, most of the time complicated and even frustrating. But it is up to both of you to keep it as strong and as worry free as it should be.


When you feel that your partner is cheating on you, it probably is true. What you should do is communicate with your partner. This inkling may mean a lot and may save you from all the troubles it may cause. So it is best to be open about it and straight things out with your partner.

Cheating History

If your partner had any cheating history, the probability would be, he would cheat on you too. If he has done it before, he might do it again to you. Don’t be too complacent that your man is a good boy now, if you can’t change him, no one will.

Red Alert for Break Up

When a man wants to call it quits, he will unconsciously or maybe intentionally gives hints for you to open up about the situation. He suddenly never calls or never asks where you were. He will suddenly turn cold, giving you the hint that he is not into you anymore.

Not Ready Yet

Most men are scared of long term commitments, and if he said that he his plans of settling down are quite far fetched, believe him. He is not ready to commit much less to tie the knot with you. So if he is not ready then don’t rush into things that both of you may end up fighting over.

Love has been the most incomprehensible thing in the world. What your partner shows maybe different from what they actually feel. Communication will always clear those doubts. Truth hurts, but as the cliché goes, it will always set you free.

From Ex Lovers Back To Being Friends

They say you can never be friends with your ex, while majority agree on this premise, some just don’t. Most people have the idea that being friends with an ex only means two things, either they still have unsettled emotion that needs to be straighten out or they never loved each other at all. Complicated as it may sound, but others find it easy to regain friendship after a hurtful break up. It may be too far fetched for some, but others can make it possible and just make it seem okay. But how do they do that? Are there really no strings attached? Are there really no unfinished business? Is it just for plain friendship? We may actually never know. We may have experienced being friends with our ex lovers, or we maybe drawn in the other side that we make it hard to really have friendly connections with our ex lovers.

Just friendsIt works for some, so why wouldn’t it work on you? We may not understand their reason, but they did not make that choice to be understood by the people surrounding them. And I think that what is important, the certain understanding you and your ex have. You want to be friends with your ex, and then go ahead; you are big enough to make decisions for yourself. That is, you have to be prepared for the consequences of that decision. They may doubt you on this, or think that you are not over your ex, just let them say what they have to say, you don’t live to please them anyway.

Basically you have first developed friendship way before you developed romantic connection, so I believe it wouldn’t be too hard to go back to that zone of friendship. But of course, there are certain things you should consider; first and foremost if the relationship you have was not too destroyed to at least regain what is left, this is important, a broken relationship is hard to mend again. Also to be considered are the circumstances surrounding you, if it would be too impossible to share friendship again, then don’t insist. Maybe it is for your own good that you separated ways. Remember, everything happens for a reason, you may not know what that is now, but surely when all else is clear, it will come to you.